Glass Coffee

Funny name, eclectic and well defined sound.Glass Coffee spent the last three years delivering a constant amount of high quality output ranging throughout the different genres of electronic music.

As a dj and producer,Glass Coffee varies from groovy, percussive house music via spaced out journeys to more dark and provocative vibes,sets that sound like oneirics sonics opus

Coming from four sensational  seasons between EUA and Italy,where he is well know as the resident Buddha bar Dubai and Siddharta Lounge Dubai ,where he builded a solid looking forward and very unique vision of organic,oneiric deep and techno,and some of the most intriguing private parties in the UAE.

Also weekly resident at Zuma Rome where he delights the crowds with his sets.

Resident dj on summer at the iconic Pathos Sunset Lounge in IOS Greece,where he delights more that 2000 people everyday during his mesmerizing sets at sunset 

Former resident at Shoreditch House London,Singita Miracle Beach Rome.

Klik Records/Nang Records/Is It Balearic(Vinyl)/ Melodica Recordings some of the labels he releases for, his Eclettica compilation  has been twice sold out at Colette Paris,his 'Disclosures' on Is It Balearic an already classic 'must have’

Compiled twiced on City Life with the likes of :Sascha Funke,Till Von Sein Tim Engelhardt,,Matthew Herbert, Solee,M.A.N.D.Y.,Noze,Tiger Stripes,Rick Wade,

Label boss at Illegal Ghost and Perfect Sinner.

'The Miracle(Part One)' his first new album out on Klik Records from  September 2018,is already a huge success climbing the worldwide sales charts.